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The tearoom will be closed for the near future, however, you can order any of our fine teas by contacting us directly via our contact page or by visiting our webstore.


Tea Time Thought:

Tea is the elixir of life.

Lao Tzu

A word from our customers:

If you are looking for real chai tea, this is the place to go. I have found most tea shops make their chai tea from a powder mix. This is the real deal.

TripAdvisor Review

The tea is out of this world, especially the Chai! All I could think was…I wish my mom was here to experience it! Ever since then, I buy my mom about 5-8 bags of different tea’s (mainly Chai) every couple years. I hope you all enjoy it as much as my mother and I have.


The Banarashi tea is excellent – light, aromatic, and brilliant. The Chaiwalla house tea’s spices evenly blend into the milk for a delicious concoction.

Elvis D.

One thing I love about Chaiwalla: in a world of dozens of different chai syrups and concentrates, this place does this seemingly unusual thing: THEY USE ACTUAL TEA. Yes, as in there are rich and authentic flavors floating in the hot milky cup in front of you, with grainy black bits in the bottom of your mug. HEAVEN. This is their “house tea”, similar to a masala chai…
…Once you have this, you’ll never want any other chai ever again. (Seriously, peace out Starbucks. I knew you were never authentic, but you always hit the spot…until now.)

Allison C.

Unrivaled. This restaurant is a perfect example of a modern tea room without the pretentious formality of more Victorian templates. A small dining room set in the once-foyer of a cozy home set behind the windows which look out upon a small, tranquil, and bird-filled garden. The kitchen staffed by the friendly owners is visible and serves only to tempt beyond the already tantalizing smells it produces. This is not your grandmother’s tea but it is reminiscent of the comforting layer.

Ben R.